Mission Statementkb_fish

To maintain and grow ‘Bass 25, LLC’ into an organization of multiple chapters with a consistent set of rules and standards. ‘Bass 25, LLC’ will provide an environment for anglers to compete in a professional atmosphere, on both a local and regional level, while maintaining accessibility for all anglers to participate.

Sponsorship Statement

‘Bass 25, LLC’ consists of a 48 team membership (2010 Peoria Chapter – 96 members; Bloomington Chapter – 46 members) of bass anglers from Central Illinois that enjoy competitive, well organized and fully funded tournament fishing.

The Midwest landscape is dotted with bodies of water that have a restriction of 25 horsepower or less. Many of these lakes offer some of the finest bass fishing in the country. With these regulations, ‘Bass 25, LLC’ was formed and is regulated to outboards of 25 horsepower or less.

The original charter of ‘Bass 25, LLC’ is a buddy team
tournament format, fished on local lakes thus keeping ‘Bass 25, LLC’ affordable, competitive and accessible to all of our anglers.

‘Bass 25, LLC’ generates its funding by sponsorships and fundraising events. The 2009 fishing season generated over $76,000, including the ‘Peoria Classic’ tournament, which was worth over $30,000 in cash and prizes.

Due to the overwhelming acceptance of ‘Bass 25, LLC’ within the Peoria area, another chapter was formed in Bloomington. ‘Bass 25, LLC’ Bloomington will function in the same manner as the ‘Bass 25’ Peoria chapter. Each chapter will have 11 events scheduled for the 2010season, with each chapter holding a season ending ‘Classic’ that lasts 2 days.

As ‘Bass 25, LLC’ continues to expand within Illinois, a divisional championship will be organized for the spring of 2010 that will allow the top teams from each division to compete against each other.

We at ‘Bass 25, LLC’ are currently looking for sponsors that are interested in growing with us. Our organization has a long-range plan of annually adding new chapters extending across the Midwest.